Interlibya is committed to helping investors and entrepreneurs expand to Libya with no problem. Our company has been helping a great amount of big and small businesses get established in the region over the years. Therefore, you can trust our vast experience to set up a business in Libya with no hassle.

We offer business services in Libya to help you deal with any challenge. Whether you are an established investor or an up-and-comer entrepreneur, we can free you from the overwhelming processes of setting up your company.

Business Services for your New Company

Market Entry

Market entry is the methodical approach a new company employs to introduce its products/services to a specific market, ensuring a strong foothold and strategic growth opportunities.


In the context of setting up a business in Libya, immigration pertains to the legal processes and requirements for individuals from other countries to enter, reside, or work within Libyan borders.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing & Sales involves promoting and selling your company’s products/services in the Libyan market. It encompasses strategies, advertising, customer engagement, and converting leads into profitable transactions for business growth.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in Libya refers to adopting modern technologies to revolutionize business operations, enhancing efficiency, customer engagement, and innovation. It involves integrating digital solutions for a competitive edge and growth.


Operations in Libya denote the core activities and processes that enable your company to deliver products/services. It involves planning, managing resources, production, and ensuring efficient workflow for business success.


Compliance in Libya relates to adhering to local laws and regulations relevant to your business activities. It ensures ethical practices, legal conformity, and mitigates risks, fostering trust and sustainability.

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Our agency has been named one of the top companies in the region that provides top-notch business formation services in Libya. Our core services include market entry, immigration solutions, digital transformation of your business, marketing, sales, and more. We are a key ally for any investor looking to start a Libya business formation process.

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Starting your business in Libya can be easy if you are working with us. We offer the best and most cost-efficient business services in Libya. All of our solutions are adaptable according to your type of business and the industry you are going to work in. With our company by your side, you will be able to expand and grow in the region with no problem. Contact us now!

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